“As the former owner of a family business, I valued the sharing of first-hand, real-life experiences from my peers. Today, I thoroughly enjoy facilitating mastermind groups for business owners. My favorite aspect is the satisfaction I derive from knowing that I’m helping provide them pure and unbiased interactive peer guidance. Additionally, that they can be comfortable knowing there’s no other business agenda involved.” – Brett Wilder 

Quiet Millionaire®


• Focus on providing business owners new and innovative ideas for achieving a lifestyle of freedom.
• Practice pure and unbiased comprehensive guidance with no other business agenda.
• Respect and maintain strict confidentiality.
• Meet the changing needs and desires of clients.

My VISION is for business owners to live the life they have always wanted by achieving a healthy work-life balance.

My MISSION is to help business owners, just like you, build valuable companies and live enriched lives both financially and emotionally during and beyond their entrepreneurial ownership.

My GOAL is to help business owners add value, increase daily freedom and achieve a perpetual revenue stream.