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Research shows that that a whopping 99% of all businesses will never get beyond the founder. Additionally, less than 2% of all business owners own a viable business (they merely own a job).

Would you like to build the ownership value and transferability of your business, so that it provides perpetual income and freedom for you and your loved ones to do whatever, wherever?

Seems ideal? Well, this can be more fantasy than reality in most cases. That is, unless you change your mindset about building your business to provide an enduring income without your daily involvement either by your intended choice or by some unforeseeable adverse event occurring.

Passion, freedom and impact are critical elements, which must be integrated together for achieving business success and personal

happiness. Without a passion, you can’t have the freedom you desire or the strength to make an impact. Without freedom, you’ll never make an impact and your passion is wasted. If you are not making an impact, you’re not experiencing the freedom business entrepreneurship allows; nor are you allowing your passion to be fulfilled.

Passion determines the drive, ambition and love of what you do and who you serve. For me, serving business owner entrepreneurs is my passion. Every successful business owner must have a passion that pushes them forward — a core belief that keeps them pressing on, even though others don’t necessarily have the same vision.

I’ve been passionate about entrepreneurship starting as a young kid in New Jersey. I started out mowing lawns, shoveling snow, and selling Christmas cards door-to-door. My entrepreneurial ambition satisfied my early yearning for financial freedom and independence. Then, it continued with various sorts of work opportunities throughout my high school and college years.

Years later, I graduated from college and went to work for a major money center bank. Consequently, I seemed to lose track of my entrepreneurial passion. I felt like an entrepreneur trapped within a bureaucratic, politically-operating, corporate environment.

Feeling frustrated and unfulfilled, I left the corporate world in 1989. I then founded and built my own business (a fee-only comprehensive wealth management firm). In 2014, I could feel my passion was diminishing as the firm had grown mature and, therefore, operated less entrepreneurially. So, I decided to sell the business. A business which I had built over the years to eventually sell for maximum value.

Today, my entrepreneurial passion has been reignited by coaching other business owners who want to build the value and transferability of their businesses, just as I did my own business, as well as to help grow the value of the businesses owned by my business owner clients.

Freedom is the ability to spend your time and money as you see fit. Freedom enables you to not only financially grow your business and pay your employees, but to also give your family the quality of life you want to provide for them. Importantly, it enables you to leave an enduring legacy by giving back to the people and causes that matter to you.

As a business owner, I intentionally structured my own business to eventually transfer for maximum value. Today, I enjoy a wonderful lifestyle where money is not an issue. I have the freedom of doing what I want to do when I want to do it.

As a result, I travel extensively worldwide, and now devote my experience and expertise exclusively to helping other financial advisor business owners achieve their chosen free lifestyle.

Impact should be at the core of your business and personal thinking. Your impact is your legacy! I’ve learned first-hand that your impact can be more meaningful being a business owner than working in the self-centered corporate world.

Very early in owning my business, giving and helping others was a key part of its purpose. By having an impact mentality as a key part of my business from day one, I experienced the many rewards of beneficially impacting the lives of others every day.

Today, I love that I’m able to devote my passion exclusively to beneficially impacting the lives of business owners and their families. By coaching them, purely and freely, they can be comfortable that I’m not seeking other business agendas.

P.S. Brett is a Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Value Builder™ whose business value building and comprehensive wealth planning for entrepreneurial business owners and their families is highly regarded. His expertise has been featured in major print publications such as Investor’s Business Daily, The NAPFA Advisor, and Working Wealth Magazine as well as online at major sites such as, and He has appeared as a guest expert on dozens of local and national television shows. Some of which include Fox Business News, ABC NewsNow, BetterTV, and First Business.