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Our Quiet Millionaire® Freedom Mastermind Group is exclusively for Business Owners who are looking to Shorten the Learning Curve for Increasing Daily Freedom and Profitability.  




The Quiet Millionaire® Freedom Mastermind Group is a limited-size, peer group of experienced business owners, who together help provide clarity and certainty for achieving business owner freedom. Together the group works towards enhancing their business and personal lives by creating a business that can survive without them running the day-to-day.

Group membership offers a combination of creative brainstorming, education, emotional support, and accountability in a comfortable and confidential peer group setting to discover the best practices for moving forward faster towards a common goal.

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Brett Wilder

Mastermind Facilitator

Award-Winning Author ¦ Entrepreneur ¦ Certified Financial Planner™

“Experienced, Confidential, Comprehensive Mastermind Groups Dedicated to Ensuring Perpetual Income for Business Owners Regardless of Whether They Choose to Work”.

Brett is a Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Value Builder™ whose business value building and comprehensive wealth planning for entrepreneurial business owners and their families is highly regarded. His expertise has been featured in major print publications such as Investor’s Business Daily, The NAPFA Advisor, and Working Wealth Magazine as well as online at major sites such as, and He has appeared as a guest expert on dozens of local and national television shows. Some of which include Fox Business News, ABC NewsNow, BetterTV, and First Business.

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After surveying 30,000 businesses, we found an interesting statistic. Businesses that scored 80+ on our questionnaire were up to 71% more valuable than their industry peers.  

Independence and freedom are two key reasons why entrepreneurs start a business; while, entrepreneurial spirit and desire are the driving forces that push them on a daily basis to increase profits and independence. As business owners, we are workaholics. We work hard now, so that we can enjoy freedom later. But, what if later doesn’t have to be so far away? It takes time and effort to build a business that can run without owner involvement.

Get your score for the 8 key drivers of business value and transferability. This will help pinpoint your pain areas that might be keeping you from the business owner freedom you deserve!

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